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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Diamond in the DesertOne change can change everything DOG Kathryn Fitzmaurice Zaroof Haider "Five stars!" - The New York Times"A heart warming story about love for family ." - School Library Journal Tetsu Kishi and his family are sent to an internment cam-p in Gila River, Ariz-ona from their home in California. (Many other Japanese people have moved there too.) The Japanese people bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. It is only Tetsu, his sister Kimi, and his mother because his father was taken to North Dakota for questioning, and his dog, Lefty can't come because there is no dogs allowed. As soon as Tetsu moves into the camp he knows that there is no school, no weeds to pull, and most importantly, no baseball. His mother works very hard now that Tetsu's father isn't there to help her. Tetsu tries to pass time by helping her out.When someone decides to build a baseball field, Kimi gets danger-ously sick right when pra-ctice starts. Tetsu will have to choose between base-ball and his family: the most important decision yet to be made. Historical Fiction "I didn't want food. I only wanted to swing over home plate and watch the ball take off between short and third." Page 73" But there was plenty being said by our twisted hands, our stiff shoulders, and our silence." Page 127 I think the quote from page 73 connects to the theme, which is perseverance, because everyone is stopping during lunch, but Tetsu decided to keep on work-ing on making the field because he would not stop until the field was do-ne. Even though his hands were bleed-ing, he wanted to play really bad.I tho-ught the quote from page 127 was al-so an example of perseverance because that was the moment Kimi was taken to the infirmary. Test and his mother have already sat there for two days. Kimi still hasn't woke up yet but Tetsu and his mother still haven't gave up on their hope of Kimi being okay. No matter how long it takes, they won't give up. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets DIRECTOR Starring Based on book by: Genre Quotes Summary Two Critic Quotes Junko Takeuchi as Mrs. Kishi (Tetsu and KImi's mother) Tetsu's mother is a very hard worker. With out Tetsu's father being there, she is doing all the chores and helping out with the Gila River Intern-ment camp. Seo Joo-Hyun as Kimi Kishi(Tetsu's sister)Kimi Kishi is not your typical girl. She's a very fun character. She is an animal lover. She loves to collect animals and take care of them. She doesn't have much friends and loves to hang with her mom. Later on, she's the one who gets dangerously sick. Kim Jae-Joong as Tetsu Kishi (His point of view is used in the book most the time.)Tetsu is one of a kind. He loves baseball. He will play it any time or anywhere he can. For a while he was separated from baseball, but once he comes back, he has to choose family or baseball.
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