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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 served by Children First/Communities In Schools 8 PM: Settles in for a bedtime story with mom, thanks to improved reading with tutors at school & at afterschool Learning Centers 8:30 AM: Arrives at school and meets theChildren First/CIS SUCCESS COORDINATORand receives tutoring as well as a check in about their families upcoming move. 8:45 AM: Enters the classroom where a Children First/CIS Project POWER/AmeriCorps team member is placed as a teacher's assistant. 5:15 PM: Mom and dad come to pick them up from the Learning Center, and stays for a parent workshop on Math techniques. Mom is also taking a parenting class (offered in English & Spanish) from Children First/CIS facilitators to strengthen her parenting skills. 2:30 PM: Goes to one of Children First/CISafter-school LEARNING CENTERS, where theyeat a healthy snack, get homework help,and participate in an enrichment activity.This Learning Center is located low-income communities & is free of charge, thus alleviating cost & transportation barriers. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD 7 AM: Getting ready for school, the family sits down for breakfast from food received from the Children First/CIS Family Resource Center FOOD PANTRY 11:45 AM: Receives a Free & Reduced lunch, which was advocated by Children First/CIS Policy Agenda 8:00 AM: Heads off to schoolwith backpacks stuffed and supplied through Children First/CISSCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE
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