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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ADDERAL L ADDERAL L SLANG TERMSSTREET NAMES SLANG TERMS/STREET NAMES WHAT TYPE OF DRUG IS IT WHAT TYPE OF DRUG IS IT ADDERALL'S TYPICAL USE ADDERALL'S TYPICAL USE DIFFERENT FORMS OF ADDERALL DIFFERENT FORMS OF ADDERALL SHORT TERMHARMFUL EFFECTS OF ADDERALL SHORT TERM/HARMFUL EFFECTS OF ADDERALL LONG TERMHARMFUL EFFECTS OF ADDERALL LONG TERM/HARMFUL EFFECTS OF ADDERALL RESOURCES USED RESOURCES USED Adderall is a medicine and can be used legally only with a doctor's prescription (not OTC),otherwise it is illegal and you canhave some severe health problems if you take it. Beans, black beauties, dexies, pep pills, speed, and uppers are some street names for adderall. Adderall is a stimulant that is very addictive. Adderall is typically used as a medicine to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy. It helps Narcolepsy by keeping you awake rather then sleeping. Sometimes unfortunately, people use this drug to stay awake, have more energy, or stay focused to get good grades in school. Since its a pill, it is taken with water. Adderall can come in a tablet (pill) form, or a capsule form. Weight loss, loss of Appetite, swelling stomach ache, sleep problems, and nervousness, are some short term and harmful effects of adderall. improved attention span, and impulse control are also effects, but they are good effects. Some long term effects of adderall are slowed growth, thought problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, and withdrawal, (withdrawal is moodiness, depression, or fatigue.), ADDERALL CAN LEAD TO SUDDEN DEATH!!! ADDERALL CAN LEAD TO SUDDEN DEATH!!! COLLEGE STUDENTS TAKE ADDERALL AS CANDY, BUT THEN THEY BECOME DEPENDENT ON IT. ADDERALL NO ADDERALL ADDERALL NO ADDERALL Google.comGoogle Images
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