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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE 67 Neurofibrillary Tangles (NFT's) Beta-Amyloid Plaques Consists of memory lossand problems with thinking and behavior Most AD patients are 65 and olderEarly-Onset AD patients range between 40-55 Average life expectancyafter symptoms are noticeable is 8 YEARS n o t r e c o m m e n d e d AD risk gene ADdeterministic genes indicate future cognitive impairment leading causeof death leading causeof death 6th 6th KILLS MORE than breast & prostate cancer COMBINED COMBINED 5 MILLION Americans affects 1/3 SENIORS will die of AD currently no cure dementia dementia cases cases 6080% 60-80% of of delaying onset by just years could reduce incidence, prevalence, and cost by 5 PREDICTING PREDICTING Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease CEREBROSPINAL FLUID GENETIC TESTING PHOSPHOLIPIDS BETA-AMYLOID PLAQUES Alex SorbyNicole SpanierAmanda Schubert Retinal GROUP OF 10 p h o s p h o l i p i d s in b l o o d with accuracy 90% RISK FACTORS heart diseasestroke diabetesother chronic diseases directly causes AD proteins affected: APP, PS-1, PS-2 Deterministic Genes Risk Genes 40% 3 "Familial Alzheimer's Disease" fluorescent tau p-tau SIRT 1 beta-amyloid ABNORMAL PROTEIN LEVELS IN CSF levels PS-1 PS-2 APP increased likelihood of ADmutation of APOE-e4 gene of people with AD have at least one APOE-e4 allele APOE-E4 Amyloid Imaging Retina Fluorescent Ligand Eye Scanning Lens binds to beta-amyloid OralSupplement 85% 80.6% 95% Sensitivity 100% Specificity Specificity Sensitivity Optical Ointment currently no cure currently no cure Nerve cell death Brain loss of brain function shrinks protein that keeps cell transport tracks straight TAU transport tracksmove nutrients throughout cell MUTATIONS OF TAU decrease of microtubule binding unfolded monomer to structured polymer tau collapses and twists into tangles conformational change cell transport tracks fall apart cell dies cell can't transport nutrients throughout cell peptides clump together into plaques plaquesblock synapses between nerve cells Prevent nerveimpulses activate immune system destroys disabled cells Beta-amyloidpeptides bond together stabilized by hydrogen bonding Beta-amyloid ishydrophobic and longstable fibrils "chemically sticky" Every seconds, a patient in the U.S is diagnosed with AD 50% THAT'S 1,290 PER DAY or 20X the people pictured here alcohol/tobacco use overweight infrequent exercise head trauma genetics head-heart connection age
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