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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Confederacy of Dunces DOG Ignatious doesn't havea stable job... everHe is 35 and stays with his mom.He has worked atplaces like a hotdog stand giving himvery little money. Ignatious Reilly has a Very large personality.He's smart but very pretentious.He's also an idiot at times because he thinks he's from the medieval ages, causing many problems 1. Ignatious is almostarrested for suspiciousbehavior. He just lookedweird2. Ignatious and his mother crash their car3. Ignatious gets a job at Levy pants to payforit. 4. When he's fired he gets a job at a hot dog stand.5. He finally sells one of hisbooks in order to pay for the car and building. Ignatious is more or less fatHe is a slob thatdresses as if he's from the 1800'sHe is also very awkwardHe's 35 years old. Ignatious' main conflict isbetween his motherIrene Reilly. After an accident Ignatious is forced to get a job.With his motherconstantly nagging,They always fight over how the bill will be payed 4 stars.It was a good read.Very funny, butI felt that sometimesthe book got boringand the funny parts justweren't good enoughfor the length they wereapart from each other. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets By: John Kennedy Toole Comedy Personality Career Plot Line Apprearance MainConflict Rating AR Question What caused Ignatious to become a hot dog vendor? A. He followed his dream B. His mother told him to. C. He ate too many hot dogs and owed the money D. it was the perfect job for him
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