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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ACE ENTERPRISE Transforming At-Risk Youths towards a Spirit of Enterprise, Innovation, Exploration & Expression 1."TRY A BIZ IDEA!" 3. VENTURE - Execute 1-2 mini business projects a year- Ideas will be initiated by youths- Youths undergo planning, design & prototyping - They will carry out the project & evaluate processes- Beauty is not in the outcome, but the spirit of enterprise, couage, reflection & continued learning 2. VENTURE The estimated cost saved for preventing one at-risk youth from crime. (judicial cost, policing cost, incarceration cost, economic cost , societal cost etc.,according to US study) At-risk youths indulge in risk taking behaviors and are oftenstreet smart. When guided, this energy can be positively transformed into courage, enterprise & innovation! $1.5 million per youth saved - Harness on music expression as a form of therapy & venture- Create a youth 'live band' enterprise concept- Organize 1-2 paid 'live-band' performance concept- Youths utilize music platform to narrate their journey in life & finding strength from it - Use arts expression as a way to share stories & learn about sense of self while being an enterprise & venture- Arts to include photography,film-making or mixed media - Enterprise comes in the form of purchases of art pieces, print products & photo journey trips- Target revenue 1st year: $2,000 2016: 20 youths 2017: 30 youths $30 million saved $45 million saved $1.8 million per youth contributed Contribution to society by grooming 1 at-risk youth from being a delinquent and transferring his/her potential into becoming to an entrepreneur or innovator earning middle income Programme cost: $5,000Targetted outreach: 6-8 youths Programme cost: $5,000Targetted outreach: 6-8 youths Programme cost: $5,000Targetted outreach: 6-8 youths
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