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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The ABCs of PM 26 Rules of Product Management Strategy Development Marketing Sales Analyze. What customers really need,not just what they say they want. Brand. What customers really think about your product, not a slogan. Define. Up front what user problem you are solving. Fail. Before you spend a lot of time and money, not after. Highlight. Features solving the problem not everything the product can do. Challenge. Innovators and remove their barriers Juggle. This is in the job description so get used to it. X-ray. What is below the surface of customer requests. Yearn. To win, grow and learn something new each day. Zoom. Break down high level features into small chunks of work. Systematize. Sales team support and communications. Own. Youre the CEO of the product through good times and bad. Plan. For sustaining work and defects not just feature development Question. Ask Why 5x to understand the reason for a new feature. Represent. Be the voice of the person not in the room during meetings. Understand. A real day in the life of your product users Learn. From every customer interaction how your product impacts their business In General Manage. Customer and Salesexpectations carefully. Kick-start. Every project with the end goals stated up front. Value. Have metrics for measuring the market value of features. Talk. With your team about what went well and how to improve at milestones Identify. The real business goal driving a feature. Give. Yourself time to focus on strategic work, not just the urgent. Empathize. With customer pain so you can provide a solution. Negotiate. With your team on what can realistically be accomplished. Write. User stories and requirements with clear acceptance criteria.
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