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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A.I. IN OUR SOCIETY TODAY! tap and hold to changethis text! tap and hold to change this header text! A.I. has uses in the medical field. A computer known as Watson developed by I.B.M. is being used to run clinical trials, which are test runs for medical procedures. However, it's only controlling clinical trials in one hospital so far. Watson decides who gets what trial based on their condition. The Government is also using A.I. inlaw enforcement. The NSA has twoCurrent projects running using A.I..One of their programs is still underheavy development, but eventually,it will be able to simulate the entirepopulation's actions, individually.The other one is built to simulatePropaganda and terror attacks. Theyaren't being used yet, as they are stillprimitive. Another example of A.I. In law enforcement is robotic police drones. With 360 degree HD cameras, many of them are already patrolling in mid-western suburban areas. They watch for criminal activity, and can alert police easily. They also have a 24 hour battery life, and record constantly, causing some to be against their usage. Google is working on building a self driving car, but the artificial intelligence is the main reason it's incomplete. The A.I. is still under development. The car only works on a preprogrammed course so far, and can't detect potholes. They will most likely be complete at around 2027. The technology right now costs around 80,000 dollars, but Google expects it to drop to an extra 5,000 dollars or so, after buying the car. With them, they could A.I. Is also being used on thefootball field! Developers aremaking an artificial intelligencethat can analyze the otherteam, and create plays tocounter their player'smotions. However, somebelieve it's cheating. A device known as Optisort uses aninnovative new artificial intelligencethat can sort recycled batteries. Itscans for chemical content, brand,composition, and sorts it. It isbeing used for 33% of the UK'sbattery recycling. It even haspotential commercial benefitby selling the recycled materials.
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