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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Computers-Technology How does the Internet begin? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. UNIVERSITY COMPUTERS What changes in technologyalong the years? Batch processing 1. Proyects Effects Super Effective (RAND) militarynewtork corporation in America The ARPANET In order to protectthe technology the US Army found theDARPA in 1958. In 1966 they created a PC network to increaseknowlegde and avoid doubling up on the University. THE INTERNET THE INTERNET Time-Sharing 4. Communication 1957, the URSS put in orbit the Sputnik 1 during the Cold War. FEAR OF "MISSILE GARP" OTHER FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OTHER FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS Commercial network of thephysics Laboratories on England (NPL) The scientific networkin France, Cyclades The gametes ofmodern Internet IMP subnet was like connection between computers IMP(Interface message processor)take control over the newtorkactivities, while the mainframe is only to turn on the data files. But the 1st connectionbetween those diviceswas called NCP They replacedNCP for the TCP,specific to verify the files transfer To avoid congestionof lines, the fileswere devided into small pakets Then it would puttogether again when arrive at the reciever. Packet-switching Cycladesisnยดt expensive Focus on the communications with other networks Inter-net Their protocol went throughmachines in a physical layer,implemented into thehardware providing a directconnection with the reciever So many companieslike phones increase their own IP protocol In exchange of monthly paid Social media Rate in 2012-2015 ISO(internationalorganization forstandarization) Create an open systeminterconnection,asimilated by TCP TCP/IP protocol whoguaranteed thecompatibillity betweennetworks, but in 1990ARPANET was removed ModernInternet Fast BIBLIOGRAPHY: 1. The history of the Internet video, by:Melih Bilgil. 2. Images from:, and Easy to RUN
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