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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 911 CALL HANDLING INTERVIEW SKILLS The Pathological Classroom The student refuses to do the work, acts in ways to disrupt others, or substitutes tasks and activities to which he or she is committed. Student develops poor worksometimes negative attitudes towards formal education and intellectual tasks. Take Control of the callRemain Calm Use Good JudgementNo long periods of dead air / silence According to Phillip Schlechty, there are five ways that students respond or adapt to school-related tasks and activties. PREPARATION CALL CONTROL TELEPHONE SKILLS REBELLION The Highy Enagaged Classroom The Well Managed Classroom ASKING THE NECESSARY QUESTIONS Have headset on at all times when in "READY" mode to accommodate forcedanswering. The only time you should take your headset off is when you are in "NOT READY". GETTING READY - IN BETWEEN CALLS DIVERTED ATTENTION - NO COMMITTMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE DRIVEN GUIDE YOUR CALLER Always use professional attentive & audible toneReassured caller that help is coming, while gathering more information Advise caller when transferring to another agencyTransfer call to correct jurisdiction Ask for & verbally verify: Address, Section of the City, Name of Caller, Telephone #Determine: When incident occurred, Injuries?, Weapons?, Is caller in a safe location?Any physical or verbal abuse?, Drug or Alcohol Use? Restraining orders?,Gather: # of Suspects & Descriptions, whereabouts, direction of flight,Vehicle description (including Plate & State)
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