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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lesson 8 Experience: Today in class, we learned about the 6 different coloured hats, where each hat represented a certain quality. The shifting mindset in this theory encourages us to use all the different qualities from the 6 hats to solve a problem. However, I felt that the hats could also be a way to restrict creativity of a person. This is because we can be so caught up in fulfilling the qualities of the hat that weforget about the other factors that can also contribute to the creation of a solution. Thus, the hats can be rather restrictive, and should be used only in certain situations. double click to change this title text! Learned: In the video of the Icy hotel, I learned that opportunities need to be created by yourself . It is not common for us to encounter opportunities, so rather than waiting for them to come, we should make some opportunities for ourselves as well. A problem can alsoturn out to be an opportunity as well. This can be done by looking at the problem from a different perspective, and thinking creatively to solve the issue. It is vital that we stay positive when the straps are down so that we can solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Apply: In class, we were made to apply the theory of the 6 different hats. We were given the exact floor plan of a old folks home. Then, we made to put in certain rooms that will reflect the qualities of the hats being given. The task was challenging as each hat represented something different, and we had to put in rooms and facilities that the elderly of the old folks home will like. This is an example of the hats restricting our freedom though, as it our creativity is being restricted by the qualities of the hats. However, on the whole, the hats acted as a guide to planning the old folks home, aiding us along the way.
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