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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 8 UNTRANSLATABLEWORDS&PHRASES Expand your vocabulary andimpress your friends withthese Spanish words and phrases! MerendarThe wordmerienda meanstea or afternoonsnack, so tomerendar ineffect signifies theact of taking a teabreak or having asnack. EstrenarThe word estrenar should befeatured in a sentence when youare talking about an item you areusing for the first time. Tener ganasAlthough you may find this phrasetranslated as to want, this doesntreally cut it. Tener ganas isessentially to truly desiresomething, or to want it reallybadly. Te quiero.This phrase floats somewhere in thelimbo of meaning more than I likeyou but less than I love you.Perhaps I really care for you is theclosest were going to come totranslating it. MENTAL FLEXIBILITYBeing able to change your mind or to see things from different points of view makes it possible for you to navigate all sorts of situations SobremesaWhen you remain at thetable after the food isfinished in order to indulgein some good conversation,you are taking part insobremesa. DesveladoA really short,concise way ofsaying youhavent sleptmuch or didntsleep at all. Le da vergüenzaThe literal translation for thisphrase is it gives him/hershame but its meaning isntquite that dramatic. You canuse this to refer to situationswhere you or someone elsefeels embarrassment orshyness. SPANISH 8 UNTRANSLATABLE WORDS AND PHRASES FriolentoFriolento (or friolero insome countries) is usedwhen describingsomeone who isparticularly sensitive tothe cold.
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