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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 8 STEPS TO World War II 1935-1939 1939 1935 1938 1939 1939 In 1935, Hitler openly brokethe rules of the Treaty ofVersailles by rearming. Thismarks the start of theappeasement, since theBritish and French did nothing. Conscription and Re-armament On March 15, 1939, Hitlerinvaded the rest ofCzechoslovakia. This caused the British peopleto realize that only war would stop Hitler. Czechoslovakia Rhineland Austria Like before, Hitler first encouragedthe Sudeten Nazis to demandunion with Germany, planning oninvading Czechoslovakia. OnSeptember 29, 1938, NevilleChamberlain appeased Hitler bygiving Hitler the Sudetenland. Munich Hitler began his plan to takeover Poland. When he threatenedwar, Chamberlain promised Britain'ssupport if Germany attacked Poland.In August 1939, Hitler formed a secret treaty with Russia, with a planto invade eastern Europe, starting with Poland. USSR/Nazi Pact In April 1939, Chamerlain promisedto defend Poland if Hitler invaded, known as the Polish Guarantee. This marks the end of appeasement.On September 1, 1939, Hitlerinvaded Poland. Two days later, Chamberlain declared war on Germany. Poland At first Hitler encouraged theAustrian Nazis to demand unionwith Germany. Then, Hitlerinvaded Austria, which againbroke the Treaty of Versailles.The appeasement of the Britishand French continued. Saar Plebsicite 13 January 1935 On March 7, 1936, Hitler invadedthe Rhineland, which clearlyviolated the Treaty of Versailles.The German army had ordersto retreat if they met resistance.Again, Britain and France did nothing. 1936 90.3% of the inhabitantsvoted to return to Germany. This validatedthe Nazi regime, increasedHitler's support and showedthat the League was afraid to confront violence. 11 March 1936
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