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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Saar Plebiscite Conscription andRe-armament 8 Steps to WWII Rhineland Austria Czechoslovakia USSR/Nazi Pact Munich World War II The inhabitants of Saar,originally under the controlof the League of Nationsfor 15 years,voted to return to the controlunder Germany in 1935. Although Hitler violatedthe Treaty of Versaillesby building up his forcesand introducing conscription,Britain and France letGermany get away with it. Hitler bluffed by invadingthe Rhineland on March 7 ,1936, and had orders toretreat if resistance was met,violating the Treaty of Versailles,but Britain and Francedid not take action. Hitler encouraged theAustrian Nazis todemand union withGermany, then he invadedAustria on March 11, 1938,violating the Treaty ofVersailles, but Britain andFrance did not take action. Hitler encouraged theSudeten Nazis todemand union with Germany, then heplanned to invade Czechoslovakia in 1938.Britain and France gaveHitler Sudetenland atMunich on September29, 1938. Hitler's troops marched intothe rest of Czechoslovakiaon March 15, 1939, makingthe British realise that Hitlercould only be stopped by war. The Germans in Danzig demandedunion with Germany, then Hitlerthreatened war in summer 1939.Chamberlain promised Polandthat Britain would support itif Germany were to attack Poland.Hitler made a secret pact withRussa in August 1939,thinking it would stop Britain andFrance from helping Poland. Chamberlain announced the"Polish Guarantee", promisingto defend Polandif Hitler invaded,which ended appeasement.Hitler invaded Poland onSeptember 1, 1939,and Chamberlain declaredwar on Germany onSeptember 3, 1939. Conscription:enlisting men to the army Appeasement Neville Chamberlainappeased Hitler. Poland SCRAMCUP
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