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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pop Culture 1980s Culture 1980's - 1990's Public Awareness Materialism/consumerism The culmination of television, music, movies and video games that highly influenced the general public Comprehensive efforts of outreach, through media and government affairs, to help reach a specific goal. Usually a message that engages key audiences in topical issues and asking them help achieve a goal. materialism-selfishly collecting superficial items,fashion, technology and gadgets consumerism- the popularitems bought by consumers Fashion-fingerless gloves, popular fashion statement.Worn by many pop culture idols such Dee Snider. 1980's Pac Man- popular video game of the 80's that still thrives today 1980's AIDS Epidemic 1981 1982 Polaroid camera-Faster, simplerway of sharing pictures, still usedtoday 1982 1982 Television show-cheers, popular comedic sit com. Tacked issues like alcohol abuse and homosexuality Television show-Family Ties, showed the cultural shift into conservatism in the 80's Toy- My LittlePony- aimed at girls, ponies had brush-able hair, and is still around today Commercial- AtariBrought on popularityof PC video gamesand other recreationalcomputer activities 1983 1983 Music-Micheal Jackson releases his album thriller. Which produced songs such as beat it, mad, Billie Jean and of course thriller. 1985 Movies- Back tothe future featured MichealJ. Fox, a popularrising actor atthe time. 1985 Live Aid-Benefit concertin both Londonand Philadelphiato raise fundsfor the faminein Ethiopia Food- cool ranch Doritos, a new flavor that was high in fat. 1983 1986 1986 "Just Say No"- Nancy Reagan'scampaign againstdrug abuse. Sayyes to life and No to drugs. 1987 1990's Guns n' Roses released their album appetitefor destruction with songs likesweet child of mine, welcome to the jungle and paradise city 1988 Milk commercial-Promoted a healthy bodyand positive bodyimage Tetris video game-One of the mostaddictive arcadegames of all time 1989 Americans became aware of the new STD that was stereotyped to gays and African Americans
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