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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Crazed 80's! Consumerism/ Materialism double click to change this title text! Pop Culture Public Awareness Lean Cuisine, changed fast food for the 80's and also with a healthy outlook. And helped control dietary supliment.Still a popular item on the market. Atari, set a popular good that was famous and lead an evolution for video gaming situation. Fruit Rolls up were a quick snack that is still, in popular demand today and has gone through generations. Capri- Sun, known as a childhood memory for sum.Also has been in demand for a quick easy, on the go juice and sweet flavor of all kinds. Apple Lisa, Changed the technologyin the way thatcomputers started to evolve from this product, astrong tone for competedors Fashion trends likeshort skirts were inpopular demand, andcontinued to stay indemand for generationsand still today are popular as ever. Legos, who hasn'tplayed with them. Theywere the best toys, and allowed kids tobuild crazy fondations, and also kept kids busy. Still today they are bought all over.The world Nancy Reagan went to different schools to talk aboutdrug use and how you should"just say no"to strangers offering you drugs The Just Say Nocampaign sparked commercials andthousands of billboards all talkingabout drug awareness Aids was a fast spreading diseasethroughout the 80'sIt was often protrayed to be fromAfrican American andhomosexualsVery strange accusations were made from it A movement talking howthe US should give ahelping hand to Africaand help them out through charity.Many artists wrote songsabout this including the most famous Micheal Jackson Michael Jackson, an iconicleader. The king of HipHop with the leadingalbum seller "Thriller" Also MJwearing Ray Bands which area huge hit for Materialism and are still a leading brand of glasses in modern day. Roseanne was a hit showthat showed a middle classfamily surviving through different obstacles and was verypopular and defined living in the 80'swith every situation they encounteredand solved. Star Wars was a leading hit movie in the industry of entertainment by fussing action and science fiction. The accurate details and famous battles, made it one of the most popular movies of the 80's. The Shining was also aleading movie in the 80's.The Shining was able to demonstrate Horror, in adifferent way than othermovies and set a tone andcareer for Stephen King. Run DMC was a huge rapgroup that became extremelyfamous in the 80's and was also able to combine rap androck fluently and has set the stepping tone for iconic rap groups today Donkey Kong, a game that became famous for savingthe princess from a crazedape, still today games are made in tribute and recordsare being broken from decades ago. Consumerism - items/ goods that ispurchased for ones own use. Materialism -The demand of a certain goodthat is popularfor show. Madonna was a hip hopartist in the 80's thatwas featured in differentjobs in that decade and was on MTV multiple times. She was popular for reinventing her music andimage. Pac Man was an 80s gamethat was easy, fun, and colorful. It also led to a outbreak of different game systems and branches of Pac Man
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