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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lesson 7 Experience: In lesson today, we were shown a video of the company Zappos where its main focus was on company service. The company had employees of its call centre trained, and ensured that they were patient with the customers that called the hotline. This was a major shock for me as I though that precious time and resources were being spent on talking to customers that might not even buy their products in the end. However, this strategy was justified as Zappos had a huge profit yearly. In the othervideo about SAS, the company focused a lot about its employees welfare. With various services and resources being provided to the employees. The ultimate goal of SAS was to allow its employees to focus on work, and not worry about other problems surroundingthem. Lastly, in class today, we were tasked to create a space for students to both study and play in. The activity allowed each and every one of my groupmates to express their creativity. We created a huge dome like structure, called My Favorite Dome where one half was dedicated to a studying area, while the other half was used for a relaxing area for the students. We all expressed our different opinions and views, and acknowledged that different people had different ways of relaxing and studying. So, we broke the two halves into several levels to cater to the needs of everyone.It was a fun-filled activity, as my group and I tried to envision what we thought SMU was missing. Learned: I learned that the welfare of both the customers and employees should be met as they are the keys towards a successful company. This is also seen in the stakeholder theory for the module of BGS where companies need to prioritize the needs of its stakeholders. While I agree with the two companys policies, I feel that there should be a limit as to how much a company should provide for both of them. This is because, there could be cases where the company and its resources are being taken advantage of by either the customers or the employees. Thus, there should always be a balance as to what the company should and should not provide. Apply: The points learned from this lesson can be applied to our work life as we try to balance the thin line between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and business profits. So, while it is important that the company is profit making, we must ensure that both employees and customers are satisfied as well. This is because without their various contributions, the company would not be able to make profits in the first place. It is necessary for the company to give back to its stakeholders. Also when Im in a job that requires me to allocate resources, I will be better equipped to do it properly.
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