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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gi (rectitude) The 7 Virtues of Bushido IntegrityCorrect judgmentDuty Samurai went into war, risking their own lives and knew it was the right decision. Yuuki(courage) BraveDaringCourageous double click to change this header text! Samurai were very courageous by leaving their families to fight. They had no idea if they were going to survive the battle. Jin (benevolence) SympathyGenerosityKindheartedness Samurai could help other warriors that were wounded during war. Samurai always helped their fellow man every chance they got. Rei(respect) PolitenessWorshipAppreciation Samurai had a lot of respect for their leader. They showed their respect by always listening to commands and fighting with their lives. Makoto(honesty) TruthfulnessCandidnessFaithfulness Samurai never lied and lying was deemed dishonorable. They were always truthful when making assertions and whenever they said they would perform an action, it was good as done. Meiyo(honor) Respect FaithAdoration Samurai honored their leader so much that they did not care for wealth and followed the code of conduct that was given to them. Chuugi(loyalty) DevotionObedienceDependability A samurai devoted his loyalty to his leader by rather dying in battle than betray his lord.
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