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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 & Prevents cramming in doing homework. Improves qualityof work enhanceswork ethics. Improves qualityof work enhanceswork ethics. & of a Highly Effective Being PROACTIVE rather than reactive means CONTROLLING THE MOMENTrather than letting the moment control you. Take action before problems arrive. PRACTICE PRECAUTIONS to avoid preventable road bumps. An effective teen must always set a goal in mind. You must remember the things that you want to achieve so that you can do a task at your best. BE PROACTIVE INITIATIVE TO DO THINGS SETGOALS 7 HABITS MOTIVATION, PATIENCE AND DISCIPLINE are keys to unlocking your goals. STAY POSITIVE AND NEVER GIVE UP Achieving your GOALS can make you a HAPPIER & more POSITIVE PERSON BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND " I have the STRENGTH, PATIENCE and the PASSIONto turn my DREAMS into my FUTURE REALITY.....NOW ALL I HAVE LFT TO DO IS TRY. TEENAGER PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST PRIORITIZE YOUR TASKS Its is important that we do the importantthings first rather than the things that we want to do. As effective teenagers, you mustlearn to RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANT THINGSthat must go FIRST Prioritizing without discipline is pointless. Prioritization teaches us propertime management. . THINK WIN-WIN BE A TEAM PLAYER A WIN-WIN ATTITUDE is when a personchooses the choice that would benefitthemselves as well as other people. BE HUMBLE and BE KIND TO OTHERS so you wont hit too hard when you fail It is important to SHARE THE GLORY with others. An effective teen should be ableto GET WHAT THEY WANTWITHOUT MAKING OTHERSFEEL INFERIOR. SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTANDTHEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD LISTEN There is a difference between listening and just waiting to speak. Don't rush to get your point across.An effective teen must learn how to listen to what other people have to saybefore completely shutting them off. It takes PATIENCE and HUMILITYTO REALLY LISTEN to others. SYNERGIZE CREATIVE COOPERATION "TWO heads are better than one. Synergizing is teamwork, imagination and adventure of finding new and more creative solutions to old problems. An effectiveteen must be learn to be comfortable with working with others. SHARPEN THE SAW TAKE A BREAK In order to be an effective teen, you must rest your body and your mind.Too much work can lead to fatigue and you may become less efficientYou must take care of your self by eating a balanced diet, staying hydratedexcercising and getting enough sleep. When we sleep, our body and brain cells recuperate, helping us to fuction better.. Sharpening the saw means renewing one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state through resting. MOIRA NATIVIDAD
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