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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Europeans ended up making an alliances with the South America The firs nations learned how to make madison use ing special leave As early as the 1830s Europeans and many First Nations people bemoaned the change that trade with the white cultures was having on the native way of life. When the Europeans arrived, First Nations were wanting to trade for stuff like; furs for metal knives, axe heads, pots, needles, muskets, cloth, and glass beads.All the trade things were quickly spread along First Nations rutine trade places, and the fur trade expanded really fastThere was a competition, often leading to war, with the French and British and their First Nations in North America metal knives axe heads pots needles clothing what you can get for furs over hunting and over traping conflict with other first nations how The fur trade impacted on first nation lifestyles and culture. disease and population decrees interdiction of Europeans leaders role less and less food they would have lfood ess and less because of killing animals the question im going to awnser is how dose ur trade affect the n ship betwaen the first nations it would interact with the roles because with all the trading it changed the time of some roles they over hunt and over trap because they forgot to only hunt what they need to hunt it would cause conflictwith the other firstt nationsbecause they wou trade so much that they would fight for things metal knives metal knives
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