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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 70556: Asthma Patient Insights, Study Overview Key Research Objectives Gain an in-depth understanding of attitudes, beliefs, behaviours Uncover the patient journey from the most recent exacerbation Gain an insight in to living with the condition Sample & Methodology In-home 60 min face-to-face interviews conducted in 5EU & Sweden All patients had severe, uncontrolled, eosinophilic asthma Patients recruited via. physician referrals or through patient associations Resigned Patient Resolute Patient "My asthma is a burden" "I want to do more with my life" "Life is unpredictable" "I feel isolated and lonely" "Other people don't think asthma is a serious condition" I feel like I am being suffocated I am always thinking about my asthma I have to depend on others, I am a burden I feel limited in my everyday life I just want to do day-to-day things I don't know what will happen next I am worried that my asthma will get worse Because nobody understands me... ...and nobody really cares It is difficult to explain to friends How can they understand? I don't want to be perceived as sick or unwell "I am a person, who has asthma" I am living an independent life, I am normal I don't want to be treated differently "My asthma is not THAT bad" It is my condition, I have accepted it I know my limits and can pace myself I have grown up with it and learnt how to cope "I'm not severe enough for an IV therapy" People die from cancer, not asthma There are other people that are worse than me Key Insights Objectives & Methodology Universal Insights: Patient Journey 'Why isn't my reliever working?'A reality check for the patientA reminder of their condition 1. Asthma Attack 2. Post-Attack / Hospitalization 'My reliever has failed on me''Why / How did this happen?' 3. Post-Asthma Attack 'There is nothing out there for me''There is no point in looking'Reliance on HCP for information I dont want this to happen anymore 'A moment of realization' There was a dichotomy between patients depending on their emotional outlooks around asthma "My treatment has failed!" "I need a change in treatment" "I want to do the normal things" "I want to plan my life as I want" Key Touchpoint
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