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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lesson 5 Experience: In this lesson, we discussed about our various perceptions for the trip to the Singapore Arts Museum. The class discussed what impacted us the most, with different people raising up their favorite or most lasting art piece. Then, we had an activity where we had to make a pyramid with the toothpicks given. While it was hard at first, my group mates and I got it at the end. This activity was a good example of framing and reframing, where we have never thought that toothpicks can ever stand on their own, but as a bunch they definitely can! This emphasizes the need to constantly think out of the box to solve problems. Learned: In class, we watched a video about the birth of the brand Freitag.It is important to note that the brothers started from basically nothing, where they used materials that nobody wanted. I learned that oppurtunities will come and go in life, and we need to grasp these oppurtunities before it slips away. For the group activity, we were asked to create something out of a water bottle without changing it's physical appearance. My groupmates and I were puzzled at first as we did not know what other alternatives we could do with the water bottle. In the end, we found a way by making the water bottle as an accessories holder for girls. We debated on what to use it for,but decided that the best idea would be as an accessories holder. double click to change this title text! Apply: Like in recent lessons, creativity is key in solving ones problems. We need to think out of the box, and ensure that we do not restrict ourselves to what our brain tell us about. When we are able to think creatively, then can we solve problems easily. Furthermore, oppurtunities are always there for the taking, and it is vital to know that which one are the right ones to take, so as to enable to make good decisions regarding our lives.
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