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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 6th grade Trust Communication Working together for strongercurricular and instructional practices Commitment Effective collaborationfor learning Reflective Take Risks-Sharing strategies/lessons/assessments-Willing to challenge each other-Accepting critiqueUtilize your colleague's skill set Meet Regularly-Show up on time-Efficient with your time-Positive attitude-Enthusiasm for content,student success Take the initiative-Find the info/toolsneeded-Asking questions-Knowledge of content,math practices Respect each other-Constructive criticism,giving and accepting-Admitting mistakes,gaps of knowledge-Respectful of each otheras learned colleagues-Positive affirmation Asking for help-Being willing to be vulnerable about our own weaknesses/lack of understandingSharing personal strugglesin the classroom Willing to collaborate-Share what you know, and what you don't know-Engage in the process-Emailing/Sharepoint access to colleagues-Adding colleagues to Blackboard coursePositive Affirmation-Positive body language Listening-Listening to all points of view-Hearing input from peersSetting goals-Shared vocabulary-Shared vision of student learning/outcomes- Knowledge of content,math practices-Vertical alignment Being willing to change/try new things-Keeping a growth mindset-Asking colleagues for input on a lesson-Asking colleagues to help you go deeper with contentLook at student data-Use data to inform teaching-content and practice-Use data to group students Spiraling Content-Come back to ideas/concepts afterwardObserving-Taking notes on what works in the classroom-Being critical
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