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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Social wellness 6 dimensions of wellness Education Wellness Education wellness is a wellness that is better todevelop functional, transferable skills, it allows to travel a path toward occupational wellness and convey values through involvement in activities EducationWellness Physical wellness Intellectualwellness Spiritualwellness Emotionalwelness Physical wellness is wellness that encourages learning about diet and nutrition while discouraging the use of tobacco, it allows to monitor your body's warning signs and you would strive to spend time building physical strength Social wellness is a wellness that emphasizes the interdependence between others/nature. Social wellness helps you discover the power to make choices to engage personal relastionships and friendships. You also become more aware of your own importance inh society Intellectual wellness is a wellness that recognizes ones creative mental activity and allows a person to expand their knowledge and skills while discovering the potential for sharing his/her gifts.You explore issues related to problem solving,creativity and learning Spiritual wellness is a wellness that includes development of life and natural forces that exist in the universe, you experience different emotions such as fear, disappointment, doubt, pleasure, joy etc... . Its better to ponder the meaning of life. Emotional wellness is a wellness to which one feels positive and enthusiastic about ones self and life maintains satisfying relationships with others and you would be able to form from interpendant relationships with other based upon a foundation.
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