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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The 6 dimensions of wellness tap and hold to change this header text! Education Try your best. Know that there is always some one to help you with anything. Challenge your mind to more difficult things. Choose the right job for you. Do something you love to do, not something that you hate.~A job that you love could last your life Physical You need to be physically active throughout your life. It helps you in school, getting good grades and to study harder. Another one is to eat healthy. No junk food, good food. When you work out, you feel better. You know how your body performers.~ be active in a sport soccer, swimming, tennis Social It's good to be active in you environment and community. To have friends and people to talk to. It's not good to shut yourself out and could lead to problems in the future. It's good to creat personal relationships and important friendships in your life.~make a new friend, talk to people you don't know Intellectual It's good to push your brain, challenge yourself into going harder things. You should face your problems than to just wait and worry about it and then it gets into an even bigger problem.~join harder classes, make yourself want to do harder things Spiritual You may feel disappointment, doubt, fear and despair along the path. But when that comes you will feel pleasure, happens, and discovery as well. It's better to always feel happiness in your day. And feel true to yourself. Love who you are. Feel proud of who you are.~Say good things to yourself, don't talk yourself down Emotional You should always forgive people when they did wrong. Do not hold things back and harness it. Always open yourself up to help if you need it. Know that you are not alone. You should always except how you feel and not turn away from it.~See someone for help, your never alone Shane ConroyPeriod 4 Day b
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