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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] 5 3 1 Education 4 2 6 Dimensions of Wellness 6 -trying to understand the purpose of us being here-being grateful for the expanse of life-doubt, despair, fear, disappointment, pleasure, joy, happiness, etc.-wondering about life's meaning-live consistent with our values -recognizing your feelings-feeling positive and happy -manage your emotions and stress-keep relationships with others-be independent but appreciate what others can help with-take risks and challenge yourself -effective problem solving-creativity and learning-explore your interests and hobbies-challenge your mind-identify any problems that could arise rather than worry and stress about them -helping the community-understanding your importance in society-save the beauty and balance of nature-build friendships and relationships-happily live with others instead of arguing with them -recognizes satisfaction and enrichment in life through work-has to do with attitude about work-profession, job satisfaction, career ambitions, and performance are all factors-contribute skills and talents into your work -recognizes need for exercise and proper nutrition -helps build strength and endurance -increases flexibility -includes being safe and taking care of illnesses or injuries-builds self esteem and self control-more benefits are determination and a sense of direction Physical Social Intellectual Spiritual Emotional
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