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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Conflict between countries War Ends WORLD WAR II When WWI ended Germany lost their land and soldiers.In 1933 Hitler led the political party called the Nazis.In 1939 the Germans attacked the Polish frontier . After this, the warstarted when France and Britain declared war to Germany.Then they separated into two groups of countries. Growing up in war time Entertainment had an important part during war time to keep people distracted so they didnt think about war.Some of them are The cinema: During the war time people preferred to go to the cinema for entertainment.The radio: The radio in general was used to keep people informed about what was happening in war.The television: Only a part of England received transmission.Dancing was one of the hobbies at war time. The war officially ended on September 7th, 1945, When Germany and Japan surrendered.When the war was over, the problem was what to do with the millions of people that the war had torn up. In Germany, there were 5 million people that needed to be sent home. Community starts to fall apart Peoples' lives were very affected in those times. This is what affected them:In that time it was very dangerous to live in towns or big cities.On September 7th, the air raid siren was heard all over Britain because the Germanair force was attacking England. We can connect this with Number The Stars because in WW2 a lot of Jewish people were killed by the Nazis and in Number the Stars Jewish people were also kiiled by the Nazisbecause the Nazis thought that the Jewish people were a threat to their country. People has to cover their windows until dawn they did this to hide from enemy aircraft Evacuation Children had to leave their houses and go to another country or to the countryside Air masks In 1939 every person in Britain was given an air mask to protect themselves from gas bombs Blackout Connection
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