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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is the language inthe test representative of real-world language use? Does the test accurately measure what you want to measure? Does the test provide information that is useful for the learner? Practical across time, cost, & energy Real-worl d based Meaningof test Consistency& dependability Effectsof test Washbac k Validit y Authentici ty Reliabilit y (Representation of materials taught before & objectives of course) (Comparison of results of an assessment with results of some other measures of the same criterion) (Theory, hypothesis or model explaining observed phenomena) (The degree to which a test looks right to testers, test-takers, moderators) (Impacts of the test) Content-related evidenceCriterion-related evidenceConstruct-related evidenceFace validityConsequential validity Student-related reliabilityRater reliabilityTest administration reliabilityTest reliability (Illness, motivation, anxiety)(Subjectivity, error, biasduring scoring)(Conditions in which the testis administered)(Duration of test, test instruction) A test that takesa few minutes fora student to takeand several hourfor an examinerto evaluate Unclear scoringcriteria, biastoward good &bad students A test containsunconnected,boring,contrived items Is the testdependable ? Can the test be given within appropriate administrative constraints? Practicali ty The result of ateacher-made testis greatly differentfrom the result ofa test of the sametopic in a textbook A test returnedwith a single lettergrade, giving nostrategic hints toimprove performance
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