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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Experience PC upgrades/ server migration Google Calendar A Powys Training Skills Academy (PTSA) Develop and maintain standard operating procedures (SOPs) double click to change this title text! Knowledge/Qualifications Welsh Government Work Based LearningMid Wales Work Based Learning ConsortiumPowys County Council HR/Trent administrationECLD - AdvancedITQ (Level 3)Business and Administration (NVQ Level 3)Certificate in Customer Service (Level 3)Diploma in Text Processing (Level 2) I can utilise my own expriences to help othersachieve their goals and tasks. My range of experience Staffing records and Trent SOPs Procedure Guideline Policy Meet all requirements Agreed working practices Standardisation Clear Accessible Manuals Easy Reference Up-to-date Relevant Templates It is vital to ensure that everyone has access to support that will help them to know what theyneed to do, and how it needs to be done in order to meet contractual, legal and organisational requirements. Therefore, I would utilise my experience and ICT skills to ensure that SOPs are agreed with managers and made available in appropriate formats, written in 'plain English'.Perhaps Powys Training Skills Academy could have a 'Wiki', much like social services. It is important that everyone has access to their personal details and that the system is maintained to accurately reflect individuals' terms, conditions and entitlements. iTrent Staffing recordsRecruitment processEstablishment ChangesAbsence/Holiday/SicknessHours/Basis/Working Patterns Trent People Manager Systems (Jo)Structures (Esther)Employment Services (Vicki) Rapport Reports Annual leaveToleranceAbsencePeople Assisting staff to access their: Time and expense claimsPersonal detailsAnnual leavePayslipsP60
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