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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website TYPE, TYPE, TYPE Firefox How to type?Compare and Solution Chrome Typing is one easiest thing in my life, so maybe you guys can too, but first you guys put your five fingers on your keyboard. On the left hand side you put five finger on A,S,D, and F. On the other side you put your five fingers on ;, L,K, and J.,After that you can also go on the website and type in Dance Mat games then go in the typing section to learn how to type, it the games that it show you how to type then you will learn how to type from that game just like I did and it was veryeasy for me to learn from that website. You can also ask your parents to take a class for you to learn how to type butyou will waste your money, but you maybe can learn faster with your teacher. That is all the thing about typing, and nowis the story about my cousin compare to my friend Anh and Doanh. They're opposite with each other but they're alsobest friend, at lunch time they sit together and eat lunch, I was met Anh in my English class and then we were workingtogether as a team, I introduce my cousin to Anh and Anh to my cousin. After that I get to know her and compare Anh tomy cousin because my cousin is very good at typing and anh is little bit bad typing. Doanh using the same thing as I didwhen I learn how to type, and Anh do the different thing that she just put random fingers on the keyboard and type.In the class anh type very slow and can't follow the lesson, but my cousin is very fast so she can follow the lesson. My cousin one time type even faster than the teacher, my cousin stayed at here for 5 or 6 years and that why she learnhow to type fast. I'm just stayed here for like a years and I type faster than Anh, because I go on the website and learn soit took faster to me to learn on the website. That is my paragraph about how to type and compare the person that knowhow to type and the person that don't know how to type.
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