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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Senior Business Development Support Experience Support the Training and Skills Business Development Manager (Lynne) by undertaking any work that will assist her, in a way that suits her requirements. PC upgrades/ server migration Google Calendar A - "take the pressure off" (what can I do to help?)- whoever, however and whenever- existing underpinning core skills and competencies- to take into account the broad range of activities/contracts- adapt to changing requirements/priorities (and keep up-to-date) - Powys Training Skills Academy's work and aims - how does Lynne prefer to work (and how can I help?) - identify realistic targets and plan for achievable results Line manage a team of staff Support the Training and Skills Business Development Manager Staffing records and Trent Support the Training and Skills Business Development Manager Develop and maintain standardoperating procedures (SOPs) double click to change this title text! MAIN PURPOSE Knowledge/Qualifications Welsh Government Work Based LearningMid Wales Work Based Learning ConsortiumPowys County Council HR/Trent administrationECLD - AdvancedITQ (Level 3)Business and Administration (NVQ Level 3)Certificate in Customer Service (Level 3)Diploma in Text Processing (Level 2) I can utilise my own expriences to help othersachieve their goals and tasks. My range of experience Line manage a team of staff AssistSupportApplyUpskillFlexibleUnderstandLearnReliable The new structure is an exciting development for everyone. I would aim to reassure and support the team, allowing time for us all to acclimatise to the new structure and job descriptions. Supporting the support team EqualiseRespectRecogniseInclusiveLearn/Train Working Together TeamListen/CommunicateDiscuss/AgreeRecord/CreateExperience
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