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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Showcase Members of the community filter through the stations learning about the exciting learning happening in our schools. *To promote visibility, Dysart holds 4C Technology Showcases prior to our monthly governing board meetings. Teachers prepare their class by explaining the purpose behind the 4Cs, As a class, they analyze the assigned rubric, and the chosen performance indicator. The teacher guide students as to what that indicator "looks like" and "sounds like."Throughout the project the teacher continually refers back to the performance indicator. At the end of the project, students and teachers reflect on where they landed on the rubric and what changes or modifications they would make next time. Collaboration Teachers attend monthly trainings that focus on the 4Cs and online resources to share with their campus. Communication 1. Teachers are assigned a quarter showcase and a 4C to focus on. 2. From there, teachers choose a performanceindicator from that 4C rubric to highlight. 3. Teachers collaborate their ideas on a Google doc. 4. In this document, they share their project ideas, their indicator, and how they plan to showcase with students. Technology teachers brings their devicesand set up their station. Students share what they did and how it correlates to their corresponding rubric and performance indicator. Collaboratio n Creativity Trainin g Critical Thinking Process for Implemention 4Cs Technology Showcase Innovative Teachers Each school site chooses a teacherthat is passionate about the benefitsof embedding technology into dailylessons. Preparatio n
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