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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FRANCISCO DE GOYA "El quitasol" was one of his painting to be used in the manufacture of a royal tapestry. Goya was famousfor the elegance of his work and histalent to illustrate is such detail. PLAZA MORAZAN It is common to see old and young people strolling in plaza'sin many Spanish countries,especially in the city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, whichis home to the Morazan. Thisplaza is name after FranciscoMorazan (1792-1842), whowas a Honduran head of state. Because of a lack of school sportsteams in Spanish countries, gyms and non-school funded sportsclubs are very common. Many kidsjoin private gyms to train to competein their desired sport. double click on textto edit or change LAS DEPORTISTAS double click to change this title text! SPANISH IN THE USA In many places around the UnitedStates, you can hear people speaking Spanish. One neighborhoodfor example, is the Pilsenneighborhood in Chicago, Illinois.There you will find the nations largest Mexican community, with murals on the sides of buildings, successfulMexican businesses, and popularrestaurants. Terry Andry MOVIES In Spanish-speaking countries,movies are a very popular formof entertainment. Some importantmovie industries are located in:Spain, Mexico, Colombia, andVenezuela. OLD SAN JUAN Old San Juan is in the capital ofPuerto Rico which is San Juan.In Old San Juan, authorities make great efforts to maintain and restore the houses and sceneryof San Juan. ST. AUGUSTINE In 1565, the oldest permanentEuropean settlement was established by Spain. This settlement is more widely knownas St. Augustine, Florida. Spain established St. Augustine beforethe Pilgrims settled at PlymouthRock. This settlement introducedSpanish culture into the UnitedStates.
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