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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ~ Work done by Spanish painter named Francisco de Goya~ Made this painting in 1777 as a design to be used in the manufacture of a royal tapestry~ The brilliant colors of the painting suggest a happy moment of relaxation for two young people ~ In many places in the United States, you can hear Spanish being spoken~ The Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago, is home to the nation's largest Mexican communities~ The colorful murals, thriving businesses, and popular restaurants give Pilsen its characteristics ~ Movies are a popular form of entertainment for teenagers in Spanish-speaking countries~ Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and Venezuela have important film industries~ Spanish teens tend to go to the movies with a group of people 4A Culture Infographic ~ Strolling through the main square of towns and cities in Spanish-speaking countries is a popular activity for young and old people. ~ Sport clubs and gyms are very popular in Spanish-speaking countries~ In Spanish-speaking countries there are few school-based sports team~ Many young people join private gyms for individual exercise or play for a privately sponsored team double click to change this header text! El Quitasol: Strolling: Sports clubs and gyms: El español en la comunidad: Movies: Old San Juan: ~ A popular and bright part of Puerto Rico's capital~ Puerto Rican authorities are making great efforts to preserve the colonial houses, other important building, and restore them to the original beauty. Estados Unidos: ~ Oldest permanent European settlement in the US is St. Augustine, Florida, which was established by Spain in 1565-55 ~ For more than two centuries after that, the Spanish controlled a large territory in North America, and included Mexico, parts of southern US, the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, and parts of Colorado and Utah ~ The Spanish left many places in the US.
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