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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONSTITUTION BILL OF RIGHTS Federalist VS Anti-ferdalist The Federalist favoredthe Constitution Anti- federalist opposedConstitution Anti-federalist felt that the people needed a Bill of Rights so the government would not get too much power and to protect the citizensagainst the goverment Federalists thought the Constitution did not needa bill of rights, because the people and the stateskept any powers not given to the federal government. a centralized national government maintains all power. They feared a strong central government like the one they lived with under England's rule. STATE VS CENTRAL GOVERMENT The Federalists stressed the weakness of the Articles 1.Each state only had one vote in Congress,regardless of size2.Congress didn't have the power to tax, orto regulate foreign and interstate commerce3.There was no executive branch to enforce any acts passed by Congress4.There was no national court system5.Amendments to the Articles of Confederation required a unanimous vote6.Laws required a 9/13 majority topass in Congress The Anti- federalist thought that the Articles of Confedration needed to be amended, not abandoned. ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION SUPPORTERS VIEWS ON THE SIZE OF NATION The Federalists wanted to unite the states as one large, continental nation. The Anti-Federalists believed that eachstate should havea sovereign, independent government. WWW.CONSTITUTIONFACTS.COMWWW.USHISTORY.ORGWWW.APSTUDYNOTES.ORG James Madison, Jay Hamilton and wealthy people The Anti-federalist included primarily farmers and tradesmen Samuel Adams andRichard Henery Lee EXECUTIVE BRANCH The Anti- federalists feared the executivebranch would have too much power. The Federalistswanted an Executive Branch and the checks and balances system would makesure no one wouldget too much power SOURCES:
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