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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A large republic was seen as the bestprotection for individual freedom BILL OF RIGHTS SIZE OF NATION -Certain rights were already in the constitution-Weaken the government , people would focus on their own rights and neglect civil duty A strong central government was favored Congess' power was limitedto requesting from the states CONSTITUTION POWERFUL STATE GOVERNMENTVS STATE GOVERNMENT ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION Limited state power; senate represented states adquetly CONSTITUTION states would lose influencewith the growth in the national government's power -Large farmers, merchants,and artisans-George Washington, Benjamin Franklin,James Madison, Alexander Hamilton,and John Jay POWERFUL STATE GOVERNMENTVS STATE GOVERNMENT Key concept if democracy; feared strong central government because of Britain rule TYPE OF SUPPORTER Was seen as a real threat toindividual citizen's liberties BILL OF RIGHTS FEDERALISTS V.S. ANTIFEDERALISTS ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION Amend the Articles of Confederation,do not drop SIZE OF NATION Only a small republic could protect the rights of the people TYPE OF SUPPORTER -Small farmers often from rural areas-Patrick Henry EXECUTIVE BRANCH Felt there should be three branches of governmentand the checks and balances would keep each one from gaining too much ower EXECUTIVE BRANCH Legislative Branch should hold more powerthan the executive
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