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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Antifederalists Favored: Powerful Central Government would give more authority over states and learn to control a revolt.P.S.G. would be easy to overthrow Federalists v.s. Views on the Articles of Confederation Opposed until the inclusion of the bill of Rights Fought about the certain amendments about the power of federal governments Thought to be unecessary since the Constitution was "thorough" enough Thought to be supported as an essential because they felt that the Constitution wasnot able to protect the essential needs of individuals themselves Opposed:Congress' power was limited since they always had to have permission from states They felt that only a smallrepublic could protect rights Views on Bill of Rights Views on the Size of the Nation Views on Powerful Centeral Government V.S. Powerful State Government Proposed and Supported the Constitution even through the Bill of Rights They were the main supporters of the Constitution. They were aided by a Federalist Sentiment. Opposed:States would lose influence in the balance of powerPowerful State Government would not give too much unbalance of power Views on the Constitution Small Farmers, often from Rural AreasPatrick Henry, George Mason Type of Supporters They felt that the Articles only needed to be amended but not completely abandoned Website References A large republic was best for the protection of individual freedoms Views on the Executive Branch Large Farmers, Merchants, and ArtisansJames Madison, Alexander Hamilton There is too much power, enabling it to potentially become a form of monarchy The Branch needs to be strong,so that it can perform its duties.The federal government is dividedinto three branches, with checksand balances, so that no onebranch can overpower the others.
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