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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Antifederalists vs. Antifed Central Government v. State Government not necessary opposed essential Size of the nation favored Executive Branch Bill of Rights Those who were in favor of the Constitution, and those who were not. Other than that, how else are they different? What are their views on the following topics? favored favored opoposed favored opposed opoposed favored opposed Articles of Confederation favored opposed Large farmers, merchants, and artisans.James Madison, AlexanderHamilton, George Washington, andBenjamin Franklin Fed Did not like having their individual rights threatened. Best protectionfor individualfreedoms. Only a smallrepublic couldprotect rights.No form ofdemocracyhad ever beentried before. Amend, not abandon Federalists Ineffectual as a governing document Wanted a President to head the branch. Thought that if they had a President, the President would gain too much power. Small farmers, Roger Sherman,Oliver Ellsworth large republic small republic Constitution Would losepower withthe growth of national government'spower.
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