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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANTIFEDERALISTS SIZE OF NATION FEDERALISTS vs SIZE OF NATION BILL OF RIGHTS POWERFUL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION Federalists wanted to unite the states to form a large nation. Antifederalists wanted to separate the states into three or four different confederacies. They thought a large nation could not be controlled by one central government. BILL OF RIGHTS POWERFUL STATE GOVERNMENT Federalists thought that each right could not be listed, so omitted rights would be abused. Federalists thought that giving the power to the states would leave the nation unable to act, like the Articles of Confederation. Federalists thought that under the Articles, the government was unable to protect its people. VIEWS ON CONSTITUTION Against the Constitutuion. Antifederalists thought a bill of rights was necessary to protectindividual rights. Antifederalists thought that giving too much power to the federal government would lead them to abuse their power, like the British. Antifederalists wanted to amend the Articles of Confederation in a way so that it was successful. VIEWS ON CONSTITUTION ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION Supported the Constitution. SUPPORTERS SUPPORTERS
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