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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Federalists vs.Anti-Federalists Federalists Anti-Federalists -Supported and depended on Views on powerful central government vs. powerfulstate government Views on theConstitution -Convinced states to ratify -Thought of it as protection of liberty and freedom -Thought is should be added to improvethe Articles of Confederation _______________________________________________________ Views on Bill of Rights -Eventually agreed itshould be amended -Supported a powerful central government ______________________________________ -Believed only a federal government could bring upthe confidence in people -Did not supportthe Constitution -Thought is wouldcause political racket _________ -Thought it was not necessary ________ -Thought is wouldprotect their freedom -Believed it wasnecessary -Did not want a powerful central government _________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ -Thought it could not completely fulfill their needs -Believed it did not protect the country because they did nothave a federal army -Thought it did not need to be replaced by the Constitution -Thought it sufficientlyprovided protection for all needs of people _______________________________________________________ _________ Views on the size of the nation -Wanted a large nation -Thought this was theonly way to protecttheir rights and freedom -Wanted a small nation -Thought this was theonly way to protect their right and freedom _______________________________________________________ Types of supporter, general and specific people -Wealthy merchants and plantation owners -James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington,and Benjamin Franklin _______________________________________________________ -Thought the 3 branches would become too powerful -Thought it wouldlimit their rights _________ -Small farmers and more poor men than wealthy men -James Winthrop and Melancton Smith Views on executive branch Views of the Articlesof Confederation -Thought they should have a more powerful state government instead -Wanted a Presidentto be the head of the executive branch -Feared that if they had aPresident as the head of the executive branch, he would gain too much power ___________ _______________________________________________________ Sources
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