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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Federalist vs. Anti-federalists Federalists Anti-federalists Constitution Favored the Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation Opposed Constitution in fear of a strong central government Bill of Rights Didn't need one because the people and the states kept powers not given to federal government and each state should have own bill of rights Thought it was necessary to protect individual freedom from the central gov Power of Government Wanted powerful state government; were scared that if there was a powerful central gov the states would lose their independence Resources:1. 3. Believed that a strong central government would best protect individual citizens rights and freedoms Articles of Confederation Completely redo it Amend it Size of Nation Large Small Type of Supporter wealthy people, well-educated people, merchants and common citizens farmers, debtors, and lower class people Exectutive Branch Wanted one personto lead executive branch Scared that one person leading might have too much power By: Bianca Daurio
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