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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ChecksandBalances Executive Legislative Judicial 3 branches Of Government Its important to all three Constitution.each of the three branches of government canlimit the powers of the others.This way, no one branch becomes too powerful. The membersare Supreme Courtand the Court. The main purpose is firstuphold the US Constitution,resolving disputes andtrying cases. function in the federalgovernment's system of checks and balancesby using judicial reviewto ensure laws,executive orders,policies and treatiesrelevant to cases before the courtsare constitutional. Its made out of two Congress that isSenate, there are 100 Senators from2 state, And House of Representatives.Also the main purposeis to make law. Make law, discussed,voted on Congress. Senators: 30 Years of age. Live inRepresented State. U.S.Citizen for 9 Years. House of Representatives:5 years of age. U.S. citizen for 7 years. Livein Represented State. There are no requirements of becoming part of Judicial Branch members. The members ofExecutive Branchis the President, and VicePresident. The main purpose is enforcing lawsand also it can veto the law. Must be a natural-born US citizenMust be a natural-born US citizenby the time he/she will serveMust have lived in the U.Sfor at least 14 years The Executive Branchchecks the legislative branchis through veto power.It can also callCongress if needhelp. The Legislative Branchratify treaties, impeach, make laws,impeach, make laws,and control all the money. The Legislative branch checks the power of theJudicial branch by proposing amendments to overturn court decisions, creating lower courts, impeaching andremoving justices,and rejecting appointments. By determiningwhether actions of theexecutive branch violate,capable constitutionalof relating to law. The Judicial branchcan add interpretationto the laws passedby the legislative branch.It can interpretwhether if the lawspassed by the legislative branch.
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