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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SupremeCourt,Federal Appeals Court Judges, and Federal District Court Judges.   EXECUTIVE (Carries out laws) JUDICIAL(Evaluates laws) The president and the Vice president The Cabinet What this Branch doesInterprets lawsDecides court casesDeclares if laws are constitutionalSettles cases between 2 or more states What this Branch doesEnforces lawsDirects militaryMakes foreign policy Writes federal budgetsApproves or vetoes congress' bills House of Representatives 3 Branches of Governmenrt What this Branch doesCrafts billsCan overturn vetoes Can impeach Pres.Power of the purse Declares warApproves or rejects Pres'appointments LEGISLATIVE(Makes laws) Made up of 435 elected members, divided among the 50 states in proportion to their total population Senate Are elected every two years and must be 25 years of age, a U.S. citizen for at least seven years, and a resident of the state they represent 100 Senators, 2 for each statechossen by vote Senators must be 30 years of age, U.S. citizens for at least nine years, and residents of the state they represent. The President has the power either to sign legislation into law or to veto bills enacted by Congress, To become a president you has to officially be 35 years old and be an American citizen who has lived in the United States for 14 years and must serve as a good example. Has to have a strong background and be approved by a Congressional vote. Checks and Balances The term Checks and Balances mean that each branch gets the same power and checks each other. The way the Executive Branch checks the legislative is by veto power, by not signing the bill into the law. The way the Executive Branch checks theJudicial Branchby nominating candidatesto become supreme court judges. The Legislative branchchecks theExecutive branch by overturning veotes 2/3 vote. The Legislative branch checks Judical branch by approving federal judges. The Judicial branch checks theExecutive branch by saying executive order is againstthe Constitution. The Judical branch checks the Legislative branch by saying thelaw goes against the Constitution. By Nataliya Hryshko There are no requirementsneeded, no age,experience, or citizenship rules, Just a strong back ground.
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