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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 Branches of Government Legaslative Judicial The legislative branch has the power to make or change existing laws. To Declare,Regulate money and trade, Impeach federal officials and overite presidents veto by 2/3 This branch is made up of the House of representative and the Senate. The requirements of this branch is you have to be at least 25 year old, must be a U.S citizen, for at least 7 years and finally must live in the he/she represents.Its almost the same for US senate execpt you have to be at least 30 year old and you must bea citzen for at least 9 years The Executive branch is made up of The President and the Vice presidentand the cabinet.The cabinet is the people incharge of the important subjects like health and education. The cabinet advises the president of any important problems or subjects The branch is made up of The house of Representative and US senatres This branch is made up of TheHouse or repersenitive and The US Senates This branch is responsible for viewing the lawand if the president does not likehe/she vetos it and he/she does like it he makes it into a law.The congress can declare war .The president can't declare war without the Congress approval Executive To be president you have to be at least 35 year old and you need to be citzen of the USwho has lived in the US for 14 years.And they have to have expierience with the politics. The supreme court is made up of the Chief Justice and Associate Justice.The Associate Justice is 9 judges. To be in the Associative Justice you need to have experience as a lawyer or law professor and you show the characters of how a judge is suppose to be.To be Chiefor a judge you have to be at least 30 year old and a citizen of the United States. The Judicial powers are to review the laws that have had trouble passing.The Judge compares the law to the constitution tosee if the law if reliable. The court also hear civil cases .
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