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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 THINGS to make your business plan stand out PROFESSIONAL & SIMPLE KEEP IT STRAIGHT & SIMPLE KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE 1. Have a PROFESSIONAL looking document, as people do judge a book by its cover. Include a cover page; table of content; page numbers etc. and acknowledge the source of information (which is not your own). Make sure that your plan is complete: that all sections and requirements are included.2. Use CORRECT GRAMMAR and have as FEW MISTAKES as possible. Perception is reality, and you want to avoid someone thinking a plan full of mistakes equals a business full of errors”! Ask or pay someone to proof-read your complete document.3. Use SIMPLE language and stay away from complicated terms and jargon which might confuse the reader. Ask yourself, if my grandmother read this plan, would she be able to understand what Im trying to do? 1. YOU investors and funders are interested in you as the business owner. Share relevant experience, achievements and education, which will convince them that the right person is running the business and that they are putting their hard-earned money into capable hands.2. TEAM show that you have the right people in your team, with relevant skills and experience. 3. Show in-depth KNOWLEDGE of your industry, market potential, competitors and customers as well as the potential risks in the business. 1. Illustrate DEMAND in the market for your product or service. Show that you are meeting a need and that people are willing to pay. If youve run a pilot, include results as evidence or if you have a potential contract ask your client for a letter of intent to include in your business plan.2. Investors and funders want to understand the building blocks behind your projections, therefore show all the ASSUMPTIONS you have made.3. FINANCIALS must be accurate, realistic and complete. Include historical performance as well as a projected income statement, balance sheet, break-even analysis and monthly cash-flow budget (for the next 12 months) and relevant financial ratios.4. If you are asking for funding, request the RIGHT AMOUNT. Be careful of asking for too much or too little.
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