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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Branches of Government Legislative Executive Checks and Balances: Are the system in place that makes sure that no branch has too much power Judicial Executive: Legislative Checks... Executive Checks... Judicial Checks... By: Josie Finney The most important people whomake up the Executive branch arethe president, the cabinet, and the vice president. The Legislative branch consistsof House of Representatives and the Senate, these two powers combined form Congress. The Judicial branch includes the Supreme court which is made up of federal judges who are appointed by the president. Requirements of the senate are:A. You must be Senators must be over 30, B. 9 year citizens of the US C. and a resident of the state The main powers of the legislative branch are Declaring war,Regilating trade, Regulating money Impeach federal officials,and to pass new laws. Requirements of the House of Representatives areA. must be over 25B. 7 year citizens of the US C.And a resident of the district which they represent The requirements of becoming a member of the Cabinet are:A. You must be appointed by the president. The most important tasks of the Executive branch are to:Enforce the laws passed by CongressIssue executive orders, enforcing the lawsNominate judges, andAppoint government officials. The requirements of being the President are:A.They must be thirty-five years of ageB.been a resident for 14 years within the United States.C. You must be a natural born citizen The requirements of becoming a Federal Judge are: The requirements of becoming a member of the supreme court are: The most important tasks of the Judicial branch are to: There are no specific requirements written in the constitution. However they must be appointed by the president and approved by the senate. A. They must be 30 years oldB. They must be a U.S citizen for 15 yearsC. They must be a qualified voter of the state for 9 years proceding. Interpret the lawExercise the power of judicial reviewChief Justice presides over trials of presidential impeachmentDetermine if laws passed by Congress are allowable by the ConstitutionThe Supreme Court hears cases of appeal from lower federal and state courts Judicial: Executive: Judicial: Legislative: Legislative: The Judicial branch consists of the court, they can declare laws unconstitutional. The court can declare Presidental acts unconstitutional. The President can veto Legislation made by congress. Thge judges must be nominated by the president. The senate can must confirm the nominations made by the President.And the congress can impeach judges. They can override the Presidental veto and congress can pass the law. Congress can also impeach the president. And they approve the presidential nominations.
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