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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pitbulls are known as dangerous, not safe, and killers. Well they are not, they havea very interesting backstory.Pitbulls used to work forthe police, but when they were used for dogfighting therecareers ended forever. Pitbulls, not in Miami! double click to change this title text! #pitbullban Pitbull breeding is illegalbecause people buy them and end up dumping them inan animal shelter where thepuppy is sent to its doom in only two days. Each year more than athousand pitbulls diebecause they are put in shelters. Pitbulls, not in Miami! Pitbulls, not in Miami! Michael Vick the Falcon's Quarter-Back before he wentto jail for pitbull fighting. Pitbull fighting is alsoillegal because it causemany of them to die. Sometimes it's not the dogs fault its soaggressive, the owners makethem aggressive by pouringaches on them, burning them, hitting them, and wrestling with them before the fight. It is also illegal to chain a pitbull up outside with a chain, and without food and water. Some pitbulls end uplosing legs in fights,because they are not aggressiveenough to fight other dogs. Pitbulls are very gentle and are often portrayed as dogs whoneed to be in dog fights, the king of dog fights, well I see dogs that need a new reputation Pitbulls should not be outlawed in Miamidade,Fl.I think that is a bad ideabecause pitbulls are nice, and loving. I own 3 pitbulls at the momentand they are nowhere near aggressive and rough. They are the sweetest things.They wouldn't even hurt a fly or a cat.
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