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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 14% 20% 16% north west north east south east west coast represented 30 Tips to Building a Child's Self-Esteem and Character 1. How I look is not as important as how I act.2. I treat others the way I want them to treat me.3. It is okay to laugh at funny things, but not to laugh at others.4. I believe that I am someone who can do important things.5. I treat everyone with respect.6. When I listen, I show others that I care about them.7. I am being a good citizen when I volunteer to help others.8. I think for myself and make smart choices that are good for me.9. Each day offers a new start to do my best.10. I try to understand what my friends are feeling.11. When I make mistakes, instead of getting angry I try to do better.12. Sharing with others makes me feel good and makes them feel good too.13. I work out my problems without hurting myself or others.14. When I smile at people, they usually smile back.15. I encourage my friends to do their best. 16. I am honest; I do not cheat or steal.17. I am being creative when I dance, draw, paint or write a poem or story.18. When I do what I say I will do, I am being responsible.19. I am grateful for what I have, so I share with others.20. I try to learn something new each day. 21. When things don't go my way,I think of what I can do to make them better.22. I do not make fun of other children because I don't know what their life is like.23. I feel successful when I do my best.24. I take care of myself by eating healthy food, exercising and getting enough rest.25. When I cooperate with others, I get more done.26. I like to get to know children who are different from me.27. Since I tell the truth, my friends trust me.28. I look for what is good in others and I say what I like about them.29. I think before I act; how I act affects how others treat me.30. I care about living things on earth so I recycle and do not litter. one from a series of posts featuring "30"in honour of 30 years of Helen Doron English
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