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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 Weeks - Cambodia Things to Do:1. Tour of 8 Temples Sam Vat $25/day2. Night Market-Fish Pedicures-Thai Massage $3-Draft Beer $0.50-Try a Fried Tarantula3. Boat Tour on the Tonle Sap Siem ReapDays 2-3 Flight to Sihanoukville.Overnight here before taking off to the islands the next day. Transfer to SihanoukvilleDay 4 Fast Ferry to Koh Rong Samloemn $20pp/rt(ask your guesthouse inSihanoukville for a discount) Koh Rong SamloemnDay 5 Things to Do:1. Snorkeling2. Kayaking3. Hiking4. Sunbathing5. Star Gazing6. Scuba Diving Koh Rong SamloemnDays 5-9 Fast Ferry to Sihanoukville Taxi Transfer to Kampot $30RecommendedAccommodation:Villa Vedici Transfer to KampotDay 9 You will lose a day traveling from the USA, but don't worry, you'll make it up on the way back. You'll arrive close to midnighton your first night. After a long trip,there isn't much you should do but get some rest- your temple tour starts at 5am. Travel to Siem ReapDays 1-2 Things to Do:1. Sunset River Tour2. Get Lost in the Main Market3. See the Olympic Stadium4. Tour of BokorMountains $8 w/lunch5. Day Trip to Kep6. Visit the Pepper Fields7. Have a Sugar Cane Drink8. Eat Lots of Seafood KampotDays 10-13 Transfer to Phnom PenhDay 14 Public Bus $6Private Taxi $50/day-The private taxi allows you the convenience of drivingyou around in Phnom and back to the airport at the end of the day Phnom PenhDay 14 Things to Do:1. Killing Fields2. Tuol Slang Museum3. Visit the Palace4. Shop at the Russian Market5. Exercise by the River6. Get your last bite of traditional Cambodian Cusine Evening Flight HomeDay 14 Late Evening Flightback to the good ole US of A! Make sure to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat! Recommended Accommodation:Saracen BayResort$50/night This is whereyou will make upa day. You'll get back to the USin the early AMif you are on theEast Coast thevery next day!
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