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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pinterest Pinterest - Collaborate, Create and Download Your Own YouTube Video at HPL- Online Weekly HPL YouTube Book Reviews- Monthly HPL YouTube Video Contest: Tell Us What You Want from Your Library hpl HPL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. HPL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. -communicate-create-collaborate-interact -reaching the community -the nation -the world -network with friends-network/interact with HPL-receive information and updates on local government, e-commerce, businesses, schools, college and universities- for our senior patrons - health tips/info on tax prep services/retirement and investment info- the latest in online gaming- CommunityEmergency Alerts/info on cyber scams facebook twitter Pinterest - Who are the People We Want to Reach? - How do We Interact With the Community? Incorporating Emerging Technologies Instagram Instagram ARE STATS ARE GOOD . . . AND GROWING! . 571 Likes 897 Visits 707 Tweets 204 Followers 193 Following 17 Favorites477 Pins 17 Boards 49 Followers 25 Following 97 Posts 74 Followers 45 Following Plus, Our Digital Media Lab Let's you Create Your Own Videos On Adults Teens Seniors Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Homewood Public Library Creating An Online Library Community Through Social Media 571 891 1707 204 17477 49 17 97 74 45 In Touch With Patrons Interacting With Patrons Google Hangots -Creating an Online HPL Community-Marketing HPL Through Social Media-Advertising HPL Through Blogs-Promoting the HPL Brand-Interacting With Patrons Through Social Media-Tailoring and Improving Services Based on Patron's Input-Increasing Patron Traffic
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